Exhibition at FYC

Image: Noel Clueit, RED YELLOW BLUE, 2011

PAINTING SHOW is the current show by Supercollider at FYC and you guessed it, its about painting. Its concerns lie in language rather than physicality and actions. The title of the exhibition is deliberately reductive, designed for both reading and misreading, placing painting in a space for discussion and dialogue.

PAINTING SHOW has been conceived to create a space in which the audience is invited to consider and discuss how, what and where painting is today in the face of an evolving, increasingly complex and multifaceted visual culture.

PAINTING SHOW brings together the work of Kevin Schmidt, Anthony Shapland, Noel Clueit and Tom Ireland.

Exhibition runs until 29th of May 2011
FYCreative, 154-158 Church Street, Blackpool