We regret that the Super Duper Fair must say AU REVOIR for now......

We have had a wonderful three years of events, starting with a very small and intimate fair on the lawn in front of Grundy Art Gallery and expanded to 60 stalls of beautiful handmade things in the Winter Gardens.

We are very pleased with what we managed to do in Blackpool for handmade craft and design and hope that it's recent surgence continues!!

This year we wanted to make the fair more selective and competitive but unfortunately there hasn't been the response to this change we had hoped for. We have therefore decided to cease the fairs and have a think about how best to continue Super Duper's legacy. I am sure it will manifest itself in some new and exciting way, just like it did back in 2009.

Thank you to all the designers and craft makers who have been a part of this journey and all those who have supported the fair.

The story is not over, just being re-written!