Science-fiction - knit and see

Are you into Science Fiction?
Here are two things you must do if the answer is yes.

1. Mysterious Cats, an online shop on Etsy, is selling Star Wars themed knitting patterns. You can pick one up for £9 (for three patterns) and make your very own wooly Millennium Falcon.

Image above courtesy artist
ORION TIDE, Kelly Richardson, Fujiflex colour photograph, 48" x 57", 2012

2. Grundy Art Gallery's current exhibition by Kelly Richardson takes influence from Science fiction cinema, creating post-apocalyptic landcapes using specialist digital technoloiges.

Why not bring your fluffy Falcon along to the exhibition and imagine it taking off over a lunar-esque landscape. That is surely a whole weekend of fun!

Here is a link to one of Richardson's films to get you started .... The Erudition