Super Duper interviewed YiYing, the creator of Noodoll

SD: You created the Noodoll characters during your MA, how did you go about turning those ideas into a business?
YY:Noodoll was spotted by a company in my MA degree show and they helped me to start the 'Noodoll' brand because they loved the concept so much!
At that time I had no clue about starting a brand or running a business (I still find it hard to switch my brain between a designer and a business woman nowadays), I learnt so much from the company I was working with, from production to trading, I really appreciated to be given this opportunity to learn.
After my contract ended with them, I started my own company, threw every penny I had earned from my book royalties to it, followed my instinct and vision to continue the Noodoll brand.
The journey has been hard, been up and down; but it's been fun, it's true to my heart, and it's totally worth it. I may beocome a millionaire soon, but it's so fun and I love it everyday.

SD: Are there any tips you would give to other designers on how to get their high quality products into concepts stores, boutiques and museums?
YY: Be original, don't compromise on quality; look into details, and be consistent (keep a strong heart) when it comes to sell!

SD:What is your biggest seller?
YY: Our mischievous monster gadget holders! They are our silliest but funniest friends.

SD: How important is social media marketing to the success of the business?
YY: We are learning every day about social media as it changes and evolves so quickly! So far I'd say it's not showing big impact in our small business but we love meeting new people out there and be ready to accept new exciting things, to exchange feedbacks, therefore social media is going to play a part in our business.
However, I feel stronger about the old traditional way to get ourselves known, through trade shows, through letters (yes we still send letters). What's better than a face to face smile and hand-shake?

SD: Why do you think people love to buy high quality and well designed things?
YY: Because they deserve it :)

Grundy Art Gallery is now selling a range of Noodoll in the shop.